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480 2 weeks ago Missing #include in conkeror-spawn-helper.c on Mac OS X unread tjim
80 3 weeks ago noninteractive isearch-continue-forward/backward (S and R) wrapping chatting retroj
475 1 month ago view as text no more works with Firefox 32 chatting XTaran
479 2 months ago text selection not canceled by C-g chatting samuel.kelly
460 4 months ago key-kill-mode kills all keys in Conkeror in xulrunner 25 and above chatting scottjad
476 4 months ago segfault when visiting chatting myles
474 5 months ago "function" (or some other command) no longer works? chatting beslayed
412 6 months ago noscript.js broken? chatting bhideas
424 6 months ago Adblock 2.1 doesn't run chatting rumpler
335 6 months ago Ignores print.postscript.paper_size chatting XTaran
463 6 months ago Displayed pages can intercept command key sequences chatting smcafee
473 6 months ago keyboard focus in another window unread l
467 7 months ago M-: failure chatting retroj
471 7 months ago C-p in minibuffer selects penultimate item when no default completion unread scottjad
469 7 months ago Certain reddit pages open without elevator bar chatting beslayed
466 7 months ago Downloaded files do not show up in the list of download-manager-show-builtin-ui in xul >= 26 chatting scottjad
178 9 months ago Summary Command #629 unread retroj
462 10 months ago newer XULRunner builds require init of nsITransferable objects chatting noel
461 10 months ago -daemon mode broken unless conkeror window is already open unread neioarst
459 11 months ago Login-Manager does not fill forms on xulrunner >= 24.0 unread thorkill
77 12 months ago Minibuffer completion inserts space when completing in the middle of text in-progress drdo
355 12 months ago Hint indexes do not show correctly when viewing some websites. unread bumblebees
434 12 months ago plugins.click_to_play=true but clicking does not play chatting izahn
456 12 months ago Github does not work properly chatting cristian
247 13 months ago buffer_kill_before_hook does not run for every buffer? chatting retroj
455 14 months ago Github-mode needs a few more fallthrough keys unread BruceConnor
452 15 months ago Clipboard selection reads twice chatting daimrod
447 15 months ago Conkeror segfaults with xulrunner 20 (Arch Linux) unread aksr
444 22 months ago The Jerusalem Post <> causes breakage unread l
441 22 months ago modules/extensions/noscript.js error -- Component returned failure code: 0x80570015 chatting eschulte
440 22 months ago input system use of coroutines, asynchronous prefix commands chatting jbms
432 24 months ago client-redirect: problem with slow hosts unread retroj
430 24 months ago Popups fail to open / Mozilla Persona doesn't work unread mozCallahad
427 24 months ago history_completer completions never properly destroyed unread retroj
423 26 months ago "untrusted connection" page doesn't show the message about 'M-x ssl-add-exception' on some systems chatting retroj
419 27 months ago reload-with-charset broken in xulrunner 12 and later? unread retroj
416 28 months ago Hints do not display properly when anchors have divs inside them such as on unread jackhill
413 29 months ago does extensions.update.url have the wrong value? unread retroj
411 30 months ago non-working button on unread YoungFrog
409 30 months ago Crashes chatting artistoex
406 32 months ago C-s and C-r search often fails on text heavy web pages like Jenkins log output unread buckmeisterq
405 32 months ago MapsGL mode of Google Maps segfaults conkeror unread charon
404 32 months ago untrusted connection chatting sindikat
402 32 months ago Follow works incorrectly on unread sindikat
400 33 months ago Connecting to daemon process simply spawns a white frame chatting Expez
382 33 months ago Memory leak when loading website chatting bhideas
399 34 months ago Crash after loading a page chatting artistoex
395 34 months ago Cannot follow link neither with 'f' nor left-click in some php forums chatting stormwatch
392 34 months ago define_webjump completer cannot use $get_value chatting retroj
388 35 months ago [patch] support for network.standard-url.encode-utf8 unread a13
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