issue441: modules/extensions/noscript.js error -- Component returned failure code: 0x80570015

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msg1115 (view) Author: eschulte Date: 2013-02-13.05:38:36
Evaluating require("noscript.js"), specifically evaluating 


which is at the top of noscript.js, results in the following error,

    Component returned failure code: 0x80570015 (NS_ERROR_XPC_CI_RETURNED_FAILURE)

This is with the latest conkeror from git, and the noscript xpi from
msg1116 (view) Author: retroj Date: 2013-02-13.14:24:32
I was just reading the noscript source code, and the way that noscript loads itself in other browsers
is somewhat more involved than just Cc[";1"].createInstance().  Someone who
uses noscript might want to look into making noscript compatible with conkeror out-of-the-box, rather
than relying on this fragile glue code.
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