issue501: Misbehavior on Google News

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msg1280 (view) Author: joe_f Date: 2016-01-15.03:20:10
I am using Conkeror 1.0pre1 and XULRunner 32.0 under Windows 10.0

On viewing Google News (, the command 'l' to
bring up hint numbers works only the first time I use it.  Thereafter,
I have to resort to the mouse.

Oddly, this represents an improvement.  Previously (Conkeror 1.0pre,
XULRunner 35.0, WINNT), I could not get hint numbers even the first
msg1282 (view) Author: scottjad Date: 2016-01-15.03:48:20
I can reproduce on gecko 43. These kind of issues of web pages stealing keybindings are very common. One
can normally type M-x follow to work around it. Don't create an issue for every website that steals
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