issue335: Ignores print.postscript.paper_size

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msg789 (view) Author: XTaran Date: 2011-01-03.14:32:22
In the print dialog, default paper_size is set to 'letter', despite
another paper size is being configured properly:

According to <>, the
following is the correct customization:

  // Change default paper size from US-Letter to A4:
  user_pref("print.postscript.paper_size", "A4");

In the about:config dialog, 'print.postscript.paper_size' is
correctly set to "A4", which means that this value is never taken
into account by Conkeror.

Details see

The fact that the papersize configured in /etc/papersize or via
LC_PAPER is ignored, is though an old Mozilla/XULRunner bug and not a
problem of Conkeror. See and
msg790 (view) Author: retroj Date: 2011-01-04.13:13:00
Does setting print.postscript.enabled to true affect it?  If so, can we find concrete evidence that
this should be provided as a default?
msg1132 (view) Author: l Date: 2013-04-13.00:52:58
Can this be fixed, please?  It is quite annoying.
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