issue474: "function" (or some other command) no longer works?

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msg1224 (view) Author: beslayed Date: 2014-06-24.21:25:10
After one of the more recent updates, conkeror no longer liked my .conkerorrc file until I commented out
certain bits.  One of them was this:

/// /// Project Gutenbeg ///
/// define_webjump("books-gutenberg",
///     function (term) {
///         return load_spec(
///             { uri: "",
///               post_data: make_post_data([['query', term]]) });
///     },
///     $alternative = "",
///     $argument = 'optional');

Is there something in that which no longer works?
msg1225 (view) Author: retroj Date: 2014-06-25.13:03:13
remove the keyword $argument and you should be good.  webjumps were refactored recently, and this
keyword was found to be unnecessary.
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