issue503: files do not open

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msg1296 (view) Author: tomas Date: 2016-03-02.18:04:03
When I follow a link that points to a file and then opt for "open" (o), the file will be downloaded to
/tmp but never opened. Instead, a message is displayed that conkeror waits for the website to answer. If
I opt for "save" (s), conkeror's behaviour is normal.

I am using conkeror (version 160130.1.20.g9f2b548-1) on archlinux together with palemoon (version
26.1.1-1). When using xulrunner this problem does not occur.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
msg1297 (view) Author: tomas Date: 2016-03-05.10:46:11
Some additional information:

The problem occurs with Palemoon 26.1 only, the previous version 26.0 was OK in this respect.

Furthermore, the problem looks like being related to Issue 114 (see,
but the solution proposed there does not work.

Finally, I have succeeded in the meantime to make firefox work together with conkeror [the problems
related to firefox will be reported separately], and fortunately this solves the issue. With Firefox 44,
files are downloaded and opened in an external program as expected.
msg1315 (view) Author: cddr Date: 2016-06-01.20:06:07
I can confirm this bug with Palemoon 26.2 on Gentoo.
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