issue424: Adblock 2.1 doesn't run

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msg1072 (view) Author: rumpler Date: 2012-10-15.17:14:02

I'm currently having the following minor issue:
I tried installing AdblockPlus2.1, but the installation fails with the following message:
"Adblock Plus 2.1.2 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Conkeror 1.0pre."

Editing the *.xpi-file according to the didn't help.
Adblock shows up in the extensions-menu. But neither the extension itself, nor the commands like "M-x
adblockplus-filters" work.

Adblock Plus 2.0.1 installed just fine without editing the *.xpi-file.
I'm currently running XUL-runner 16.0 under Windows7-x64.

Tell me, if I can help with log-files or similar. (And tell me how to, 'cause I'm quite a noob.)
msg1090 (view) Author: escondida Date: 2012-12-29.00:29:41
Is this still an issue with the latest version? I can report that as of conkeror 2012-12-11 on xulrunner
17.0.1, ABP 2.2.1 installed fine.
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