Author Raksura
Date 2018-02-09.16:55:11
Hello fellow Conkeror users,

I am having issues with the drop down menus in Google Calendar when using
Conkeror. While I am not convinced the blame should fall on Conkeror, I don't
expect Google to do anything about it (I doubt they care as long as it works in
the majority of cases).
When clicking on a drop down menu on that website, either nothing happens, or
the menu immediately disappears.

This makes Google Calendar unusable with Conkeror. It does work when using
Firefox though.

Would you have a way to fix (or go around) that issue?

Running on Linux,
Conkeror version: up-to-date master branch from git://
Firefox version: Mozilla Firefox 52.6.0

Related conkerorrc content:
session_pref("general.useragent.compatMode.firefox", true);
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