issue56: check-gre function in run-conkeror

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msg71 (view) Author: deusmax Date: 2008-09-28.22:52:33
the function check-gre in contrib/run-conkeror does a grep on the gre.d/1.9*.conf files,
grabs the first result and hopes it somehow works out.

It doesn't on my ubuntu system, where:

%ls /etc/gre.d    

My current xulrunner system is, which doesn't sort on the top.
function check-gre can me modified to select the most recent .conf file, using
a simple rewrite as.

* Current check-gre
function check-gre () {
    grep -h GRE_PATH  $(grep -l '\[1\.9' "${1%/}"/*.conf) | cut -d= -f2 | head -n 1
* New (proposed) check-gre:
function check-gre () {
    grep -h GRE_PATH  $(ls -t $1/1.9*.conf | head -n 1) | cut -d= -f2 | head -n 1

Hope this helps.
Now, I'm able to upgrade my xulrunner w/o conkeror failing to start.
msg75 (view) Author: nicktastic Date: 2008-10-01.17:41:39
Which Ubuntu release are you using?
msg76 (view) Author: deusmax Date: 2008-10-01.20:27:55
Using ubuntu Hardy 8.04

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> Which Ubuntu release are you using?
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msg90 (view) Author: nicktastic Date: 2008-10-08.19:53:52
As soon as I can verify that the format of the filenames in Ubuntu's gre.d is standard for other Linux
distributions and Unixes, and will always begin with the version number, I'll push this fix.
msg534 (view) Author: retroj Date: 2009-12-07.19:49:49
new version of run-conkeror should do a better job of finding the highest available version of
xulrunner, to launch conkeror.  let us know if you have further troubles.
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