Author scottjad
Date 2017-05-14.22:56:25

Well if that prevents conkeror from crashing that's pretty nice even if it doesn't work in the situations
where it would have crashed.

Unfortunately I don't understand the issue any better than you. I did try a few minor changes but wasn't
able to get a fix.

I'haven't had any luck with the mozilla IRC in the past, and I don't think there are going to be many
people willing to take a close enough look at a project they don't use.

Our best hope is that a conkeror user or past contributor out there decides to do a deep dive into this.
As more and more people upgrade to ff53, or when ff59 comes out and ESR users upgrade, there may be
someone who figures out a fix and submits it.

You could send an email to the conkeror mailing list letting some of these people know about the issue.

If no fix is forthcoming, you may consider running firefox 52 which luckily is an ESR so should be
supported until ff59.

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