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Date 2017-05-06.07:45:51
I have the exact same issue. I built the nightly (from mozilla-central) firefox, and the issue is still
there - here is the exact revision I built:

changeset:   356738:23fe0b76a018
tag:         tip
fxtree:      central
user:        ffxbld
date:        Fri May 05 08:05:06 2017 -0700

As said in the first comment, the issue can be seen with a simple html page:

  Starting in Firefox 53, Conkeror will crash when links like this are clicked:
  <a href="#" target="foo">crashes</a>
  This link does not crash:
  <a href="#" target="foo" rel="noopener" >doesn't crash<a>

Using the mozregression tool, I narrowed down to the following changesets:

on mozilla-central, which leads me to:

on mozilla-inbound.

Note that I had to replace for each ... in constructions with for ... of since for each does not work
anymore on firefox nightlies. I attach the patch I wrote - BTW, maybe the patch should be landed in
conkeror master, according to for ... of is
working since firefox 13, except for a bug with const keyword which has been resolved in firefox 51.
Anyway I don't see any use of const with the loops I fixed, so it should be fine I think?

I will open a bug on the mozilla side.
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