Author MarkEichin
Date 2015-06-14.02:25:33
Console error: [JavaScript Error: "The connection was refused when attempting to contact
wss://" {file:
"" line: 10}]
  Category: Web Socket

(all it takes is opening with a valid account, it detects the problem and displays

    Your browser is having trouble using WebSockets. You may notice slower performance 
    and delays as a result. If you’re still having this problem after a page reload, try 
    restarting your browser. 

which doesn't help.)  Firefox and chrome both work fine from the same machine at the same time.

Running the nightly deb, Version: 1.0~~pre-1+git150519+2207-~nightly1 (freshly started) on Debian Jessie/8.1.
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