Author jbms
Date 2013-02-08.09:57:16
I pushed a fix to the jbms-input-system-fix branch.  Note: this did involve significant reorganization of
input.js but I don't believe any functionality is lost and impact on users should be minimal.  I think
overall the code is a bit simpler though code length may have increased due to added comments.  Probably
any user keypress_hook code will need to be changed, but that is kind of unavoidable.  I changed
call_interactively to not be a coroutine, though this won't necessarily break any user code, since the
existing call_interactively ate any exceptions that were thrown anyway.  Instead, run_interactively is
better to use if you want to wait for it to finish, since then you can also handle any exceptions thrown.

Please let me know if this introduces any breakage or has other problems.
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