issue361: _json.encode/decode no longer works in recent xulrunner

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0001-_json.encode-and-decode-are-no-longer-supported-use-.patch donio, 2011-07-26.16:36:41 application/octet-stream
msg874 (view) Author: donio Date: 2011-07-26.16:36:41
_json.encode and decode are no longer supported with recent xulrunner,
JSON.stringify and parse can be used instead. Patch attached.
msg875 (view) Author: retroj Date: 2011-07-26.16:48:54
Does this patch break compatibility with any older versions of xulrunner than what you're running?
msg876 (view) Author: donio Date: 2011-07-26.16:55:19
The oldest I have around is xulrunner-2.0, that works. says that JSON was added in 1.9.1, FF 3.5
msg877 (view) Author: retroj Date: 2011-07-26.17:01:35
please make sure patches are compatible back to 1.9
msg878 (view) Author: donio Date: 2011-07-26.17:38:01
Do we need 1.9.0 or is 1.9.1 ok? I have tested with 1.9.1 and that
works. 1.9.0 would need compatibility code.
msg879 (view) Author: retroj Date: 2011-07-26.20:17:30
Our current compatibility target is 1.9.0.x
msg880 (view) Author: donio Date: 2011-07-26.20:47:28
Turns out that the old method was restored a couple days ago so we should
be ok for the moment.

Probably not worth to have a messy compatibility wrapper, we could
switch to the new method when we are ready to ditch 1.9.0?
msg881 (view) Author: retroj Date: 2011-07-26.21:17:11
okay, sounds fine.  i have a branch in the works that requires 1.9.2 or higher, so we won't be supporting
1.9.0.x forever.
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