issue294: Be able to select the download directory programmatically

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msg678 (view) Author: dclemente Date: 2010-08-30.10:54:48
Now, when you want to save a link or download a file, the current directory ("cwd" variable) is suggested
as the place to save the file in.
I would find interesting to select one between different output folders, or select the output folder
according to the downloaded file's extension.

Philip Jackson made a patch to do this:
I attach a version which applies cleanly to the current git tree.

This change is non-obtrusive; it starts to work when you set the new variable. Not much tested.
msg683 (view) Author: retroj Date: 2010-08-31.16:43:09
notes: download_replace_map would need to be an ordered collection, and the search would need to break
after finding a match.
msg685 (view) Author: retroj Date: 2010-08-31.17:07:33
i wonder why we only dispatch on one piece of information -- the filename -- to determine the download
directory.  dispatching on other criteria, like source url, would be equally useful.
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